Custom animations

Sometimes still images are insufficient to describe dynamic processes. That's why Scientific Studios offers custom animation services.

Animation explaining freeze-fracture electron microscopy

Animation created for a lay audience demonstrating common transformation techniques

Schematic 2D animation of the effect of gene model annotation on RNA-seq results

Fatty acid desaturation and elongation

Molecular Structures and Processes

For highest impact, structural data are presented in a way that emphasizes functionally-relevant aspects and places the data in a realistic context.

Solved or modeled structures are rendered as clear, easy-to-interpret representations that highlight the specific aspects or processes you choose.

Example: Homology-modeled structure of the transmembrane region of cellulose synthase

The enzyme synthesizes cellulose (black) and transports it across the plasma membrane through a pore formed by the protein. Specific amino acids (red) participate in translocation, whereas others (gray) do not directly participate.

Example: Cellulose synthase complex

A model of the plant cellulose synthase complex is depicted in the plasma membrane where it is active. The lipids, carbohydrate, and protein are all at the same scale, providing a realistic context for the structural data.

Example: Photosystem II, chlorophylls of the light-harvesting complex


Tomographic Reconstruction

We create fully-3D reconstructions of tomographic data from TEM, confocal Z-stacks, or a variety of common medical imaging techniques. In addition to custom stills, available products include fly-by or stack-reveal animations and 3D printer-ready file formats.

Example: Chloroplast from TEM tomography


Image Analysis

Incorporating and synthesizing visual data collected at different scales with different methods into a cohesive model can be a challenge.

Scientific Studios specializes in interpreting and presenting structural data at a variety of scales in the appropriate context.

Example: Matching freeze-fracture electron microscopy to x-ray crystallography

Custom Models

Has your group been offered the opportunity for a cover image? Do you need a visual aid to convey a specific idea, concept, or model?

Scientific studios will work with you to create striking, memorable figures for articles and presentations.


Example: Annealing double-stranded DNA


Example: Photosynthetic reaction center


Example: Protein complex trafficking

Method visualization

Sometimes communicating how a particular technique works can be as big a challenge as explaining the results.

Make sure you and your audience are on the same page with custom images and animations that provide realistic, yet easily-understood depictions of how a method works.

Example: Freeze-fracture electron microscopy


Data Processing and Visualization

Let Scientific Studios take the tedious, time-consuming work of figure preparation off your plate.

Send us your raw data as comma-separated values (csv) or a spreadsheet, and we will prepare high-quality figures tailored to match your target journal format.


Example: Kernel density estimation of transcriptome data comparing transcript counts to exon usage